Wednesday, 27 May 2015

No Coffee?

As of 1 June I stop drinking coffee for 20 weeks.  And the rest.  I enter a four month programme aimed at taking my diet and lifestyle back to the healthy basics.  That means 8 hours sleep a night, plant based eating, no coffee, no alcohol (win), lots of sprouts, fermented food etc. etc.  I have been doing a lot of reading about this sort of lifestyle and I have decided it's time to give it a try.  I think that by stopping drinking I have seen what my life can become when I remove a crutch, and now I am curious as to what happens if I begin to remove the other crutches.  None of it will be as drastic for me as stopping the boozing, as that was destructive in so many ways - but I do think I might be surprised at the benefits it does have.

This is a 20 week experiment.  If there is no significant benefits of from living this way, I will simply cease.  I am interested however to see.  I will report my progress here. :)

320 days sober.


  1. HI! Great to have you back! I drink way too much diet coke and would love to stop. My problem is that I don't drink tea or coffee or any hot drink and I get sick of just water! Let me know how it goes. Congrats on day 320, that's awesome!! A x

  2. Oh Yippee it's great to have you back in this arena Colourful, I've missed you here.
    Wow! that is a brave challenge you're taking on, go you! I am nowhere near ready for anything like that, still battling away just managing not to drink. My eating habits could definately be improved, I've got a bit slack about cooking healthy meals since living on my own. Also, like Angie, I don't drink tea or coffee, which is a relief as it's one less thing for me to give up hahaha! I hope you will be having a mighty good scoff of all your favourite bad things tonight and tomorrow before the Monday start date. You have motivated me before, at the beginning of all this, so perhaps I better keep a careful eye on your results, there might be hope for me yet!! Go brave and colourful warrior xo

  3. Hey! I quit coffee a couple of weeks ago ( and it feels gooooddddd! The difference is subtle, but wonderful. You go!