Monday, 1 June 2015

20 Golden Weeks, beginning now

A few weeks ago I went and listened to a guy speak, Jason Shon Bennett.  I'd read his first book, along with some other similar material, and was quite inspired by what I read.  Listening to Jason in person has me even more inspired, so I signed up to one of his programmes (20 Golden Weeks) and am now about to start a new journey for four months at least. 

Today I gave up coffee. I thought I'd be fine, because I have been cutting down for a couple of weeks, but today has been awful!  I feel like shit!  I can't concentrate and have been yelling at my family.  In fact, I can't even writing.  I am only writing now because I have promised myself I will record this journey faithfully.

So forgive the errors, actually don't even read this post if you care about well written work!  I just had to get it down.  Shit.

Days sober: 325


  1. Well it's only the first day Colourful, so I'd say you'd better not have much expectaion for yourself and these changes you're making just yet. Stands to reason it's going to get worse befoe it gets better. If you stick at it you;ll have it nailed in about a week and how cool will that be? This is brave stuff. I admire your guts. Just ask your family to put up with your grumpy moods for a bit till you get used to it and come out the other side. Then treat them to something special that you'll all enjoy. it's brave new frontiers, go easy on yourself xo

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  3. There is no medal for sticking with things that turn out to be a bad choice.
    If you decide coffee is something you miss, drink coffee. It has many health benefits.
    Step back and ask yourself why you are creating new rules in your life. Are the supportive and loving? If not, you can decide if they are or aren't for you.

    Just some thoughts....