Wednesday, 3 June 2015

I don't want to be an addict

Day three into giving up coffee has reminded me very soundly that I do not want to be addicted. To anything.

327 days sober, which is the most important thing - but the last few days of headaches, severe grumpiness, and flu like symptoms, has shown me that I really don't want to filter too much crap through my body at all.  I want to just be free of it all.

A couple of other things that have come to me through the last few days:
  1. Giving up something you are hooked on sucks.  I am reminded to have empathy with people much earlier in their sober journey than me - because alcohol is a damn sight harder to kick (and way more important) than coffee.
  2. I don't concentrate so much on wanting to drink when I am thinking about the good things I want to do for myself.  It works to think about healthy eating and exercise, it's a positive thing - I am not "losing" drinking (or coffee), I am gaining better health.
So on that note my friends, I check out.  Some nice herbal tea, and a cuddle on the couch with my partner. Good night my friends xx


  1. I'm impressed Colourful and full of admiration. I am a bit stuck in my habits but still sober. Thankfully I don't drink coffee, never did, so that's one less thing to give up! Keep up the good work xo

  2. I thoroughly enjoy my coffee and can find many articles supporting it for health reasons.
    I don't see it as an addiction.
    But I'm sure after a few days you will feel fine. Self experimentation is a good thing.