About me

44 years old, successful in business and life, one child and two cats.  Drank since I was 15 years old, escalating badly in my 20's (dangerously so), subsiding a tiny bit in my 30's, and now in my 40's reasonably "controlled".   Most of the time anyway.  This is my blog.  This is my journey.


  1. Am following your journey. I to was successful in business life but my career has been significantly damaged by alcohol. I am aiming to get it all back if I can just stay sober. Cherie xx

    1. Cherie, I am so sure it is in your reach. The cool thing about this, is we get to take back control xx

  2. Hi,I'm only a week in and I actually got a tear over your sparkling water as I have a glass next to me and I can almost taste the Gewurztraminer I had been favoring until last weekend.I also keep saying in head "Really?,never?"
    Yay to us,we can do it and one day find fun again.xx